Robot Dragonfly, Micro Flying Insect That Gathers & Relays Information

The Robot Dragonfly is a wifi-enabled robotic micro flying insect created by the innovative team at TechJect that is able to gather photographic information and relay back to you. They are pre-selling the device on Indiegogo for delivery from July to October 2013, depending on what model and amount is chosen.

The TechJect Dragonfly is a lightweight robotic insect that collects and relays information while flying like a bird or hovering like an insect. Our inspiration comes from one insect in particular.. the Dragonfly! It’s the king of them all.. the top of its food chain and the fiercest predator in the sky, with unmatched flight performance in the insect world. This means you can do amazing aerial photography, spy on people, secure your house or use it as the next Gen Gaming Platform. We understand how camouflage and customization is so important for user applications, so we’ve made the dragonfly such that every user can choose their own colors.

With 20 environmental sensors, cameras and GPS capabilities, it can be developed to track athletes, outdoor events or integrated with an App as a fun way to plot or retrace a day of skiing, hiking or whatever you like. All Dragonfly units come Ready to Fly out of the box and we offer all SDK to take your already awesome flying insect to the next level. The system is quite user-friendly to work with – it can be flown RC, or can be controlled using an iPad, smartphone or computer.

Robot Dragonfly by TechJect

Robot Dragonfly by TechJect

Robot Dragonfly by TechJect

images and video via TechJect Inc.

via technabob

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