Punk Rocker Dish Brush Makes Cleaning Dishes a Soapy Mosh Pit

Punk Rocker Dish Brush

The Punk Rocker Dish Brush from Perpetual Kid makes the chore of cleaning your dishes an all out exhilarating mosh pit in the soap. The 8″ tall Punk Rocker Dish Brush is available to purchase at the online Perpetual Kid store.

When you’re facing a sink full of dishes, who do you want on your side? Some dinky little sponge or our tough, Punk Rocker Dish Brush? He’s spiked up his mohawk to withstand even the toughest pots and pans! So rock out while you help around the house!

Designed for both comfort and function. The Punk Rocker Dish Brush can stand on its own. Made from an innovative recycled wood and plastic blend. Dishwasher safe.

Punk Rocker Dish Brush

via swissmiss

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