Pornkins, A Pornographic Pumpkin Carving Kit


Pornkins is an entire kit that helps you carve pornographic designs onto your previously unspoiled Halloween pumpkin. It includes stencils, a carving knife, and other tools to bring your “sexy” pumpkin to fruition. Pornkins are a creation of Rockstar Holiday who states that the “…visual of lewd images carved on a pumpkin seemed to spark a sort of vigor and enthusiasm to an otherwise normal social gathering.” The kit is available to purchase online at the Pornkins store. Additional (and more graphic) images of completed erotic art pumpkins, with names like “Back it Up” and “Cowboy Up”, can be found at their site. Here’s a look at their promo video which is described as follows: “Check out the Punk strolling through the neighborhood smashing pumpkins and see what happens when the Pornkins girls get a hold of him.”

Looking for a sexy new way to spice up your next Halloween bash? Try this sexy new twist on an old tradition. Most pumpkins have two eyes and a mouth. Now yours can come to life in a ten different very naughty ways….


Mexican Dance

via Mark Morford

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