Planetary Panoramas, Beautiful Star Trail Photographs That Appear to Distort Space

Planetary Panoramas by Vincent Brady
Milky Way Rising Over Delicate Arch, Utah

Photographer Vincent Brady captures beautiful time-lapse night sky photos, often referred to as star trail photographs, as 360 x 180-degree panoramas — causing what looks like weird distortion of space thanks to the horizontal compression of the image. This is accomplished by having four cameras, each equipped with a fisheye lens, attached to a rig that has them shoot their portion of the sky to capture what becomes a typical star trail photograph with the help of StarStaX software, and then Brady manually stitches the resulting four images together into a panorama using the PTGui Pro software.

Planetary Panoramas by Vincent Brady
Devils Tower & The Heavens, Wyoming

Planetary Panoramas by Vincent Brady
Monument Valley, Arizona

images via Vincent Brady

via NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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