PirateBox, A DIY Device That Creates Offline Wireless Networks Featuring Message Boards and Media Sharing


PirateBox is a DIY device made by artist and designer David Darts that creates offline wireless networks featuring message boards and media sharing. The device consists of a USB flash drive, a small battery, and a TP-Link router with some custom software installed. PirateBox 1.0 recently launched with updated features like a browser-based file sharing system. A version of the PirateBox software is also available for Android devices.

PirateBox solves a technical/social problem by providing people in the same physical space with an easy way to anonymously communicate and exchange files. This obviously has larger cultural and political implications and thus the PirateBox also serves as an artistic provocation.



PirateBox on NYC 2.0

photos via PirateBox

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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