Photos Of Dudes Who Take Photos Of Boobs (Without Asking)

guest post by Aaron Muszalski

Rubin Starset 

Wearing a sign on his hat that read “I take photos of other dudes taking photos of boobs without asking!” San Francisco photographer, artist, and devoted contrarian Rubin Starset took this sadly illuminating collection of photos at Burning Man 2008.

 The Sneer

For the record, although the terms and conditions on Burning Man tickets do caution that the holder’s “image may be captured on film, video or photographs without holder’s consent and without compensation” Burning Man’s photographer rights and responsibilities policy specifies the following:

You have the responsibility to be respectful to people you wish to record and to seek permission from them before recording their likeness or voice.

Also, before they can be used at the event at all, all cameras must be registered and visibly tagged (unlike many of the cameras seen in Rubin’s photos, which are prominently untagged).

If you are filming or videotaping for personal use, you have the responsibility to check in at Playa Info, sign a personal use agreement, and get your camera tagged. This will let others know that you have obtained permission to use your camera. Unless you sign a personal use agreement and obtain a camera tag, you do not have any right to record images at the event.

The abundance of such non-consensual lechery is not surprising (especially at Burning Man’s Center Camp Cafe, a common hangout for such types, and where most of these photos appear to have been taken). What is remarkable is just how similar these pathetic little men appear, ineffectually hiding behind broad-brimmed camping hats, do-rags and boozy, alcoholic sunburns. I wonder if those long lenses are an attempt to compensate for something?

photos by Rubin Starset

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