Photos of Cars Disintegrating and Hatching by Fabian Oefner

Hatch and Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

Photographer Fabian Oefner recently completed two car-themed photo series in which classic cars are shown hatching and disintegrating. For the “Hatch” series, Oefner made a latex mold of a model Ferrari and cast several dozen plaster shells of the car. He then dropped the shells on the model car, and used a sound-activated shutter to capture the moment of impact. In the “Disintegrating” series, Oefner painstakingly disassembled model cars and then photographed each individual part separately. The parts were then arranged as if the cars were disintegrating in digital composites. For more on both series, see this making-of video. Prints are available at M.A.D Gallery in Geneva. For more of Oefner’s photography, see our previous posts.

Hatch and Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

Hatch and Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

photos by Fabian Oefner, video via MB&F

via Jalopnik

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