National Geographic’s Great Sperm Race

image by Jeremy Benning, National Geographic

We really wish we could have been a fly on the wall when “Sizing Up Sperm” — a human re-enactment of fertilization — was pitched in the esteemed offices at National Geographic. Regardless of how the idea was hatched, the results are stunning and the program airs this Sunday, March 14. In it, people dressed in all white literally act out the role of sperm in the race to become one with the egg, running through valleys, squeezing through spirals, battling Leukocytes and much more. The impressive undertaking was completed with helicopter-mounted cameras, world-renowned scientists, CGI and over-the-top reconstruction of the sperm’s journey played out in real life by humans.

National Geographic’s Sizing Up Sperm page has video, photos, facts and “The Great Sperm Race” game, whose designers we’re certain are tired of all those “first person shooter” jokes. Or their friends endlessly playing Every Sperm Is Sacred over and over while they were trying to work. It just so happens that Slate also got in on the ejaculation meme, and delivered the riveting article on a story of sperm donors and DNA tracing in Are Sperm Donors Really Anonymous Anymore? It’s a great pairing with the NatGeo feature, and will make any guy think twice before donating sperm, most especially when over a dozen of your children find each other, and start racing to find… you.

via Lori Dorn

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