Mom And Daughter Make Dresses From Paper, Tape And Other Things Around the House

Fashion by Mayhem - Xmas Dress

A very creative photographer mom and her very photogenic daughter nicknamed “Mayhem” have been creating amazing dresses with paper, scissors, assorted scraps, bandages and an incredible eye for color. The first dress happened when Angie (Mom) grew a tad weary of her closet being raided.

Growing tired of finding articles of my own clothing strewn about her room, I suggested we make a dress from paper. She was in. This was our first.

FashionbyMayhem - First Dress

And the day she unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper, we decided it would be easier to make a dress out of it than to re-roll it.

Fashion by Mayhem - Toilet Paper Dress

On this day, we discovered an entire roll of athletic tape could become an amazing super hero outfit.

Fashion by Mayhem - Bandage Dress

Tulle was introduced into the mix


FashionbyMayhem-Project Runway Season1

FashionbyMayhem - Yellow Dress

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