Microsoft Creates a Massive 20-Billion-Pixel Panorama Celebrating Seattle’s Art Scene

Gigapixel ArtZoom

Microsoft has created Gigapixel ArtZoom, a massive 20-billion-pixel panoramic image made to celebrate Seattle’s art scene. Photographers captured 2,368 22-megapixel photos of the city on a rooftop near the Space Needle, and then stitched them together into a gigantic panorama using Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor, or ICE. Street performers, artists, and others were then individually photographed and added into the panorama, which can be explored online at the Gigapixel ArtZoom website. “As we were scouting for locations, someone heard about the project and asked if we’d be willing to help him propose to his partner in the panorama,” project director Michael Cohen told Fast Company Co.Design. “So if you look, you can see this guy and his family holding up a big banner with the words ‘Will You Marry Me, Bill?’ written on it.”

image and videos via Gigapixel ArtZoom

via Fast Company Co.Design

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