Meat America, Photo Series of Meat Carved to Look Like American Icons

Meat America” is a project by Philadelphia-based photographer Dominic Episcopo that features cuts of meat carved to look like American icons like Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, and more. Episcopo is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for a “Meat America” book.

MEAT AMERICA is a state of mind, an eye-opening and artery-closing tour of America’s spirit of entrepeneurship, rebellion and positivity.

MEAT AMERICA celebrates our appetite for insurmountable odds, limitless aspiration, and immeasurable success. Actually, just between us;

it’s a way for us to combine a few of our favorite things. Meat. Quotes. Facts. Photography. And the indefinable adjective that is “American.”



Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross


Don’t Tread on Meat

Thanks Ligia!

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