Magnum Revolver BBQ Grill Created by High School Welding Students

S&W 500 Grill

image via The Sideshow on Yahoo! News via Scott Roberts

In 2010, welding students Stefan Harlicker, Mark Ramsay, Garret Belgarde, Dylan Decrow and Kanyen Bauer of Idaho’s Sandpoint High School spent nearly an entire school year creating a tow-able bbq grill in the likeness of a .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum revolver. The 15-foot-long bbq grill was commissioned by Idaho gun retailer Wrenco Arms who uses it as a marketing tool for their business. I’m hoping they are using a Condiment Gun to put ketchup and mustard on their grillables.

BBQ Gun Grill

image via Wrenco Arms


image via Wrenco Arms

Wrenco Arms

image via Wrenco Arms

via The Sideshow on Yahoo! News

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