Litterfish, A Litter Box Designed to Look Like an Open-Mouthed Fish

Litterfish Litter Box

IOVO Designs has created the Litterfish Litter Box, a designer kitty litter box that looks like your cat is being swallowed by a giant open-mouthed fish. IOVO Designs founder Robert Brinkmann (a “proud parent of three cats”) set out to make a better-looking litter box after having his “visual sensibilities” insulted by “ugly cat litter box contraptions”. It is currently available for pre-order.

I’m not sure when the image of a cat being swallowed by a fish came to me, but I loved the idea of getting a little smile every time a cat walks into a litter box. It was whimsical and fun – exactly what I was looking for, but the fish had to be cute too. I approached my good friend Dan Panosian, who is not just a fantastically talented artist, but as a designer has plenty of experience with product design. Dan liked the idea enough to give of his time and came up with a design, which would eventually turn into the Litterfish.

Read the full story about Litterfish Litter Box at IOVO Designs’ blog.

Litterfish Litter Box

Litterfish Litter Box

via Moderncat

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