Interactive Timelines of Slang Describing Male and Female Genitalia

Genitalia Timeline

Slang lexicographer Jonathon Green has created extensive interactive timelines of the colorful slang used to describe male and female genitalia. The penis timeline reaches back to the 1300s and charts slang for the penis, large penises, small penises, erect penises, impotency, circumcision, the foreskin, testicles, and the entire male genitalia. The timeline for female genitalia charts slang for the vagina, labia, and clitoris dating back to the 1200s. Some gems from both timelines include “ring-dang-doo” (1935) and “flapdoodle” (1653) to refer to the vagina and “corned beef torpedo” (1975) and “dingle-dangle” (1985) as terms for the penis. For more genitalia-related slang, check out both timelines on Timeglider.

Genitalia Timeline

images via Jonathon Green on Timeglider

via FlowingData

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