Hurricane Gustav Information & Resources

Gustav Track 8.30.08

Gustav Map 8.31.08

Here are some sources of online information and resources on Hurricane Gustav, a category 3 hurricane that is approaching the Gulf Coast, prompting a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. Gustav is expected to make landfall as early as Monday.

Gustav Information & Resources

- Gustav Information Center

- Hurricane Gustav Wiki

- Gustav Alerts via Twitter

- Gustav Coverage on Twitter

- FEMA: Hurricane Gustav

- National Hurricane Center (NOAA)

- NOAAWatch Hurricane Gustav

- Red Cross Online Newsroom for Gustav

- Hurricane Gustav Digital Support Brigade (Facebook)

Hurricane Tracing

- Stormpulse Hurricane Gustav Tracking Map

- MSNBC Hurricane Tracker

- Tracking Hurricane Gustav in Google Earth

- HAMweather Hurricane Gustav Track/Projected Path


- Interdictor (IRC & police scanner monitoring)

- Gustav Mobile Resource Guide (iphone & cell)

- The Hurricane Watch Net (amateur radio)

Local Coverage

- New Orleans Metblogs

- Hurricane Gustave on NowPublic

Evacuee Resources

- Red Cross Safe and Well List

- Voices of Gustav (displaced evacuees)

- Gustav Pets (animal rescue resources)

Gustav Links

- Boing Boing Gustav Online Resources

- Metblogs Gustav Resources Online

- Hurricane Gustav Aggregator

A Hurricane Is Coming

Red Cross Hurricane PDF

images via American Red Cross

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