Holy Fark, Ted!

Sherlock Ted

Rampage Ted


The photo I shot of Ted Rheingold blowing a PVC Marshmallow Gun during Make Fest at ETech, was the latest image chosen for Fark’s legendary Photoshop contest.

This is my original photo and these are the Photoshop mutations. Here are the current voting results. May the best Ted win.

Oh my dog Ted, you’re Fark famous now.

UPDATE: It looks like Fark doesn’t acknowledge Creative Commons licenses. All of my photos on Flickr have a Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc) license, yet Fark did not list a photo credit or even link directly to my photo on Flickr. Don’t get me wrong, I think the whole thing is hilarious, but it would be nice if they listed the source of the image (when available, like it was in this case).

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