Flimsee, A Lawn Game Played With Cups, Poles, and a Frisbee

Flimsee is a simple lawn game in which two teams try to knock their opponent’s plastic cup off the top of a pole using a frisbee. Columbus, Ohio’s Trident Design, the team behind the Quickey Multi-Tool, has created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help bring a new, higher-quality version of the game to market.

Inventor John Mally first conceived the idea back in 2008 during a frisbee match, when he saw a disc knock a cup off a snow pole. Six years and several prototypes later, the original Flimsee kit has become a cult favorite among a loyal community of lawn gamers, tailgaters, and disc enthusiasts nationwide.




images via Flimsee

Thanks Shelby DeNike!

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