Exhausted Father Records Funny Vine Videos of His 4-Year-Old Daughter on Saturday Morning for 3 Straight Months

Bottlerocket, a 38-year-old father of two girls, has recorded a funny series of 6-second vines of his 4-year-old daughter on Saturday morning for 3 straight months. He has since then compiled the clips of his daughter and her comical antics into one video. You can view more of Bottlerocket’s sketches with his kids on Vine and YouTube.

Bottlerocket shared more about his “Saturday Morning” clips with BuzzFeed:

Exery Saturday morning, my daughters go to dance class. My oldest goes with my wife first, leaving me home with youngest for an hour before I take her to her own dance class. She requests her playlist on Spotify EVERY Saturday morning. I started to film my reactions to her songs and dancing while I was checking my email and messages in the morning, having my coffee, or just generally trying to wake up on the weekend. Of course, I added the annoyed look to make them funnier. My daughter DOES NOT annoy me.

Bottlerocket Saturday Morning

image via bottlerocket13

via reddit

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