David Letterman NBC Years and Earlier

guest post by mikl-em

Deep in Hulu.com‘s site, I recently found this pretty amazing retrospective of interviews with David Letterman produced by NBC after he switched networks to CBS. The air date for this special listed on Hulu (May 1978) is wrong because there’s footage of him from much later than that–including a Tom Brokaw interview with him on the occasion of his last week at NBC in 1993. Footage includes interviews prior to him joining NBC when he was doing standup in LA, interviews by Jane Pauley and Tom Snyder, (with Snyder smoking a cigarette, as usual) and even a clip of Dave doing the weather back in Indianapolis.

The special is an hour long, and well worth it, to get a very different perspective on the current grand old man of late night TV.

As a bonus, here’s Dave in a rare TV acting role on Mork & Mindy. With Morgan Fairchild also on as a guest, Dave is doing a thinly veiled parody of Werner Erhard the founder of Scientology-related 70’s self-help seminars EST.

Viewing Note: Here’s information on how to view Hulu videos outside the US.

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