Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag, Looks Like a Shark is Eating You Alive


You’re chum, buddy.

The Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag is a giant sleeping bag that makes it look like you are being eaten alive by a shark. It has an interior length of 6 1/2 feet, so it’s big enough for most adults. It is available to purchase at ThinkGeek. Don’t forget, they have a similar item for pets too.

The Chumbuddy Sleeping bag looks just like a giant shark and in order to sleep inside, you must slip your body deep into its belly. Will you return in the morning? Maybe. Will you be cozy and comfortable? Yes! Chumbuddy is a stuffed toy, a sleeping bag, and a shark. Each Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag is handmade to exacting standards and YES, it will fit adults, even tall ones….Chumbuddy can fully swallow children and average height adults and eat everything but the head (or feet) of a taller adult.


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