Boneyard: Night Photography by Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer

Troy Paiva

Joe Reifer

“Boneyard”, a gallery show featuring the amazing night photography of Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer, opens this Friday, May 4th from 6:30-10:30pm at Lucky Ju Ju Pinball Gallery in Alameda. The focus of this show is surreal night photography of an airplane graveyard located in the Mojave Desert. It’s absolutely fantastic work.

In the summer of 2006 night photographers Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer were granted access to photograph “Aviation Warehouse”, a high desert airplane boneyard near El Mirage Dry Lake. This surreal location is a graveyard for every type of aircraft imaginable, from tiny Cessnas, to military fighters and transports, pre-war prop-liners, to wide-body jet airliners. Dead planes lay chopped and gutted amongst the Joshua Trees. Sheared-off noses reveal rows of empty seats and oxygen masks silently dangling. Clouds smear like ghosts and the stars arc across the sky during the long exposures.

photo credit: “All Aboard” by Troy Paiva & “Mojave 189” by Joe Reifer

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