Bar Camp

Bar Camp

Every summer (beginning in 2003) O’Reilly hosts Foo Camp, an exclusive, invite-only geek retreat located in Sebastopol, California. In repsonse to this, some friends of ours are organizing Bar Camp (foobar is classic hacker jargon), which will take place somewhere in the Bay Area this coming weekend. Bar Camp is like the open source version of Foo Camp.

UPDATE 1: Chris Messina has informed us that they now have a venue for Bar Camp, SocialText’s new headquarters at 665 High Street in Palo Alto. Check out Andy Smith’s blog for more info (here’s his orginal post).

UPDATE 2: More Bar Camp updates from Andy and Chris who help temper the whole Foo vs. Bar controversy and suggest a more collaborative approach.

UPDATE 3: Here are my Bar Camp 05 photos.

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