Hipstamatic + iPhone 4 = Broken

Hipstamatic tests on the iPhone 4

For those of us who secretly (or not so secretly) love the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone [iTunes link] and upgraded to the newly released iPhone 4, we were sad to discover that the current version is laced with oddities and a crash or two.

There was some debate as to what was going on, so I decided to take it upon myself to dig deeper and get down to what the potential causes are.

The company behind the app, Synthetic Corp., just released a new photo booth app, IncrediBooth [iTunes link], to simulate the bar-o-liscious photo booths people tend to get drunk and make out in.  Now you can do it all with the front facing iPhone 4 camera in your own living room.

It seems that their energy was spent creating this new app instead of updating Hipstamatic to be iPhone 4 and iOS 4 compliant.

I go into great detail into how I debugged the current issues of using Hipstamatic on the new iPhone 4 on my blog:

Hipstamatic on the New iPhone 4

TobiasTenney.com – Hipstamatic on the New iPhone 4

(Click to see my Flickr set of test images used to write this article.)

Toxo Modified Humans

Above is a ~20 minute (absolutely worth every minute) interview with the leading researcher, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, in the study of Toxoplasma & its effects on humans from Edge.org. This is a must see. [click here to read the full text of the interview at Edge.org’s site]

A few months ago I sat in the Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress in our nation’s capital awaiting a fine performance by “Pressler & Friends” (for those not familiar, Menahem Pressler, as part of the Beaux Arts Trio, is considered by many to be one of the world’s finest pianists). My friend, Josh Duberman, who brought me and some other fine friends to this performance proceeded to take out a small stack of papers and asked me like any good teacher, “Take one and pass it down.”

This paper lead me to spend a lot of time putting this together:
Guided by Parasites: Toxoplasma Modified Humans

The paper Josh handed me was a print out of the full text of the interview from Edge.org.  I was absolutely mesmerized by what I saw on the pages. I kept giggling in delight at the prose as well as the content.  It was my introduction to Dr. Sapolsky and his research on how Toxoplasma (Toxoplasma gondii) [Toxo] affects humans in the most stunning ways.

I spent a few idle months gathering links, conversation, and readings on the subject. For one, This Dr. Robert Sapolsky is one damned well spoken beard.  He can lecture students on his studies of baboons in Kenya and how stress affects the brain in the most data driven, science laden, and armor-piercing technicality, then turn around to a camera and speak in terms that you and I can not only engage in, but get enjoyment from the learning experience.

Why is Toxo so fucking amazing, bizarre, and eye-opening?

“…this is a protozoan parasite that knows more about the neurobiology of anxiety and fear than 25,000 neuroscientists standing on each other’s shoulders…” – Dr. Robert Sapolsky

It has been known about since 1908. It has been researched for years. Only recently have we found out that not only does it make rats sexually attracted to cat piss (yup, I’m not joking one bit), but that it happens to affect humans in very interesting ways as well – and we are only now scratching the surface of what this bug is doing to our brains.

(NOTE: Toxo does not make us get a hard on when we smell cat piss.)

Toxo Life Cycle
(The normal life cycle of Toxo.)

One of the interesting things I discovered is that Toxo infected male humans are 3-4 times more likely to be involved in fatal reckless driving accidents.  It seems that the parasite has gone from modifying a rat’s brain to not be afraid of something it should indeed be afraid of (i.e., cats) and made them nearly hurl themselves at them.  It seems that it might be doing the same thing to humans and literally hurling us at high speeds through our modified behavior.

Specifically, it appears that motorcyclists have a higher rate of Toxo infection.

“…if you ever get organs from a motorcycle accident death, check the organs for Toxo. I don’t know why, but you find a lot of Toxo.” – Dr. Sapolksy

I could go on, but I already have done so.  Please feel free to join in the conversation over at my more lengthy blog entry.

Incinolet: The Turbo Shitter

On a recent tour of Joss, I was introduced to the Incinolet toilet, also known as The Turbo Shitter, used in locations such as Antarctica outposts where other toilets that rely on Roman era sewer technology just won’t cut it.

It lays waste to your waste by burning all of the refuse your GI was unable, or unwilling, to burn along with the required paper lining, toilet paper, and anything else you need to destroy in your biological evacuation process.

INCINOLET uses electric heat to reduce human waste (urine, solids, paper) to a small amount of clean ash, which is dumped periodically into the garbage. INCINOLET remains clean because waste never touches the bowl surface. A bowl liner, dropped into the bowl prior to use, captures the waste, then both liner and its content drop into the incinerator chamber when the foot pedal is pushed. You can use INCINOLET at any time-even while it is in cycle. – Incinolet.com


Slim Goodbody, who is currently on tour (yes, really), could probably teach us a thing or two about how our body burns calories by some well placed Bristol Stool Type 4 feces wrapped in spandex showing the corn hidden inside.

It is also not recommended that you try to flush any contraband into The Turbo Shitter as the exhaust pipe does not have the Crack Smoker Nonstick Coating™ needed to keep your facilities clean & burnt lip free.

If your Bristol Stool Type is 1 or 7, The Turbo Shitter™ will burn it down to a clean & powdery Bristol Stool Type Zero!

Incinolet: The Turbo Shitter

Golden Arak: Ramallah Rocket Fuel

I have come upon a find of biblical proportions: “Golden Arak”

This bottle of liquor has traveled from the Holy Land of Ramallah, into our nations capital (Washington, DC), into the hands of a dear friend, and into our 2009 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Ramallah Rocket Fuel

The taste of rocket fuel is simply masked by that of aniseed and takes on the illusion of ouzo at first glance.  Do not be mistaken, this is rocket fuel.  We no longer need to contemplate where the Palestinians have acquired the fuel for their Qasaam rockets; it sits here before me.

The story according to Doug Humphrey, the founder of DIGEX, and director of Joss:

So, I and a friend who is very into wine are looking though a warehouse filled with wine from a bankruptcy – the problem is that the government left all of about a half million bucks of inventory in a warehouse with no heat or cooling for a year plus – as you can imagine, EVERYTHING in there was shot – ruined.

Except, we come across a 20 or so cases of “Golden Arak” which I had no experience with, but he called “Ramallah Rocket Fuel” and stated that heat, cold, nothing could hurt this stuff.  We got it at the auction for a penny a CASE so that’s 1/12th a cent per bottle….  wish there had been more of it!

At 50% alcohol, you can run this in your car, use it as windshield wiper fluid, drink it or whatever – and it will all smell like anise seed as you do it – so from Yasser Arafat’s home town to you…..a Product of the Holy Land! – Doug Humphrey

Happy New Year! Welcome in 2010 with the power of the Holy Land propelling you away from the dreaded year of 2009.

Ramallah Rocket Fuel

See the Flickr set of more photos of this wonderfully dangerous stuff.

photos by T.bias