St. Valentines Sweetie Pie and Art Fest at 111 Minna Gallery


The Pie Extremist Group and 111 Minna Gallery invite you to join us for a unique celebration of St. Valentine’s Day:

Second Annual St. Valentine Sweetie Pie and Art Fest!

Saturday, Feb 12, 5-9pm – Age 21 and over – Event is free and open to the public.

111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco – 4 blocks from Montgomery St. BART Station

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The Pie Extremist Group has a single mantra: Pie=Love

Since 2004 the group has been meeting in bars, pizzerias, parks, bakeries, homes, and any other place that would have them. It starts with a call to arms where someone in the group says, “It’s time for a pie party.” It ends with tables full of pies, hands full of forks, mouths stuffed with culinary delights.

Says Erin Shannon aka Exalted Ruler and Queen of Pie, “There needed to be a unifying concept that went beyond the ways we assume we are separate. So Pie, being round and something we can ALL share seemed to be the perfect answer.”

There have been attendees who have tried to be subversive and have shown up with cake… only to be met with hugs and cheers of delight. Pie=Love… but all treats are welcome!

This year 111 Minna Gallery is hosting the group’s Second Annual St. Valentine Sweetie Pie and Art Fest.  That means:

Pie. Art. Bar.

A fabulous combination of fun! Join the Pie Extremist Group and share your pie baking/buying/eating skills with others! Attendees are welcome to bring pie or other things to eat.

A variety of artists will show their works including:

Babushka Designs

Beebalalou aka Jen Rowan

Carrie Galbraith Handmade Books

Dawn Stott- Virtual Genius Design

Erin Crociani paintings

Gabriella Designs, by Maryann Gabriella Peper

Jen Oaks Illustration

Joe Kowalczyk- Ceramic Skulls

Nidhi Chanani – Illustration & Design

Political Gridlock

Sebastian Hyde

Velvet Otterhound


Winston Smith  



St. Valentine (actually, there were two Valentine’s, martyred around the same time) was a priest and a physician in Rome , who was martyred around the year of 269, during the reign of Claudius Gothicus.  According to legend, when Valentine was in prison, he sent notes of love and encouragement, and possibly pies, to the people of his community, who lived in fear of persecution.  He was beaten with clubs and stoned, and, when that didn’t finish him off, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate.  Later, in the Middle Ages, people believed that birds began choosing their mates on this day, for the springtime.  So Valentine’s Day came to be thought of as the perfect day for sending tokens of love and for choosing a special sweetie pie.

Color Photos of Russia (1909-1912) by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky


The Big Picture has posted a collection of wonderful color photos taken between 1909 and 1912 by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, best known for his pioneering work in color photography. The series was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II.

A unique camera fitted with red green and blue filters captured images in quick succession and were later combined to produce the effect. The quality of some seem almost contemporary and answer the childhood question “were things black and white in the olden days”

More links and information:

From Burning Man Artwork to Real World Architecture

Sugar Cube

photo by unknown

At Burning Man 2006 the Sugar Cube structure was built in three days by volunteers using a new architecture design technique.

Glen Park residence

This year, that design technique was used to construct multiple buildings in California by Avava Systems.

David Wilson, a civil engineer, and Michael Kozel, an architectural designer, both of Berkeley, California, originally designed and tested the system in 2006, the same year they created a Burning Man art project called the Sugar Cube using their sustainable construction technology that creates a structural shell from economically assembled renewable plywood components. You can watch a video of the pre Burning Man Sugar Cube construction test.

Sometimes we view art and its creation as a temporary exploration. Occasionally that exploration can be a testing ground for real world applications.