An Art Print Featuring the Top 100 Billboard Songs of All Time Represented With Graphs and Diagrams

Chart-Topping Songs

Statistician Nathan Yau of FlowingData has created an art print featuring the top 100 Billboard songs of all time represented with graphs and diagrams. The 24″ by 36″ signed and hand-numbered prints are available to pre-order online and are expected to ship late October 2014.

Dreams, hope, and most importantly, love, mixed with some parties and dranking.

Chart-Topping Songs

images via Boing Boing

Cosplay Music Video From KantaiCon 2014 Featuring Creative Costumes on the USS ‘Yorktown’ Aircraft Carrier

Beat Down Boogie has created a music video featuring a number of the cosplayers and their creative costumes at KantaiCon 2014, a one-day anime convention that was held on a the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina. The video was filmed by Blake Faucette and Micah Moore, with editing also done by Moore.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips