A Thoroughly Entertaining Stop-Motion Animation of a Table Saw Magically Assembling Itself

Once again woodworker and filmmaker Frank Howarth has turned a rather dry-sounding subject–in this case, table saw maintenance–into a thoroughly entertaining animation. After disassembling his table saw in order to grease a part, Howarth created this stop-motion animation of the saw magically reassembling itself. We previously posted about his wonderful stop-motion of bookcases assembling themselves.

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Japanese Artist Creates Playfully Bizarre Hand-Cranked Wooden Automata

Whimsical Wooden Automaton by  Kazuaki Harada

Dancing radishes and doors that paint themselves are among the many playfully bizarre wooden automata created by Japanese artist Kazuaki Harada. Some of Harada’s hand-cranked creations are available for purchase and others can be seen in action on the artist’s YouTube channel. Harada can also be followed on Instagram.

Whimsical Wooden Automaton by  Kazuaki Harada

Whimsical Wooden Automaton by  Kazuaki Harada

Whimsical Wooden Automaton by  Kazuaki Harada

photos via Kazuaki Harada, GIFs via Spoon & Tamago

via Spoon & Tamago, Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome

Jaguar Enlists a Stuntman to Drive a Jaguar XF Over Canary Wharf in London on a Pair of High Wires

To announce the 2017 Jaguar XF, Jaguar recently had stuntman Jim Dowdall drive the car over Canary Wharf in London along a pair of high wires. The car was aided in its 787-foot over-water crossing by custom grooved wheels, a safety tether, and a curious medallion-shaped weight. According to Jaguar, the stunt was “the world’s longest high-wire water crossing by car.” To skip the rather long-winded introduction and see the crossing itself, start at the 3:45 mark.

‘The Reinvention of Normal’, A Short Documentary About Imaginative Artist and Designer Dominic Wilcox

The short documentary “The Reinvention of Normal” takes a look at the life and work of Dominic Wilcox, a British designer and artist whose imaginative creations have graced our site a number of times over the years. The film was directed by Liam Saint-Pierre.

The Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future by Dominic Wilcox
Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future. Photo by Sylvain Deleu

Binaudios by Dominic Wilcox and James Rutherford
Binaudios (with James Rutherford). Photo by Emilia Flockhart

Reverse Listening Device
Reverse Listening Device. Photo by Piotr Gaska

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