Star Wars Pixel Art by Ryan Andrews

Comics illustrator Ryan Andrews has been creating pixelized versions of Star Wars characters in his own adorable style. “I’d like to do all the main characters from ep 4 first,” he says, “then move on to minor characters until I have basically the whole cast…within reason.”. You can follow his progress via his blog.


It’s totally worth mentioning that Ryan makes some fantastic comics too. You should check out “Our Blood Stained Roof” and “Nothing is Forgotten” online for free… Don’t everyone thank me at once.

The Future by The Limousines

“The Future”, the latest music video by The Limousines, is filled with catchy hooks, DeLoreans, and disturbingly morbid endings. Sort of Back To the Future meets No Country For Old Men. “The Future”, which focuses it’s eye on how things end, eventually led to the band’s choice to leave their label:

We left the label. Gave it a year and weren’t happy so we left. They said no to the video so we made it with our own money and no help from them.

In case you missed it before, be sure to check out their fantastic video for Internet Killed The Video Star.

Super Mario Bros. Inspired 1Up Mushroom Burger

"1UP Mushroom" mushroom burger

Looking for a nerdy way to one-up your your friends at your next dinner party? Check out the Super Mario Bros. inspired “1Up Mushroom Burger” Instructable by Karen Chu for details on how to make this tasty veggie treat. It’s the Bob-omb!

Of course Mario loves mushrooms… he’s a fungi!

photo by Karen Chu

Preview of Pillowfight, A New Project by Dan the Automator

Dan The Automator fans should get goosebumps while watching this preview for his new Pillowfight project with singer Emily Wells. The upcoming album, due later this year, also features scratches by Kid Koala (who’s worked with Dan past project such at Lovage and Deltron 3030) and well as visuals by David Choe.

Wells has been previewing some Pillowfight songs during some recent shows with Kid Koala (see video below). I’m digging the mix of soulful vocals with Dan’s catchy beats. It’s somewhat reminiscent of his Handsome Boy Modelling School track with Chan Marshall of Cat Power.

Laughing Squid & DocPop Present: A Friday Night Drink Up In NYC

A Friday Night Drink Up

Since a bunch of San Franciscans happen to be in New York City this weekend, Laughing Squid & Doctor Popular thought it’d be fun to get all of our SF and NYC pals together for a Friday Night Drink Up at Idle Hands Bar in the East Village.

The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Wes-Anderson-Meets-Nintendo in this spot-on parody from The College Humor crew.

DrunkenNES: A Breathalyzer Video Game For NES



Last weekend, I had a ludicrously fun time playing an iPhone music set at Pulsewave’s monthly show in NYC. The place was packed with an energetic crowd who came to see visual artists and performers using Gameboys, gaming consoles, and mobile devices to create electronic pop music. But one of the show’s surprise highlights was sitting inconspicuously on a small table near the venue’s concession stand…

“DrunkenNES” is a home-brew video game created by Batsly Adams that runs on a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Players are asked to blow into a breathalyzer, which was cleverly housed in an NES cartridge, then the game would calculate their blood alcohol level and generate their score. The drunker the player, the higher the score. Aside from being conceptually brilliant, the game’s artwork and original soundtrack (composed by Kris Keyser in FamiTracker) really make it shine. I totally fell in love with the whole project when, after my first failed attempt to beat the high score, I was greeted with a screen showing a sewing bear along with the text “You are sew bear”. <3!!!

See more of Batsly’s home-brew NES projects here… and if you ever get the chance to check out a Pulsewave show, do it! Next month‘s show already has a great lineup.

Drunken NES – Nintendo Breathalyzer from EM Dash on Vimeo.

photo by Doctor Popular

RJD2 is The Insane Warrior

We Are The Doorways is the first release by RJD2 under the alternate persona of The Insane Warrior. The album can best be described as a soundtrack to an 70’s sci-fi film that doesn’t exist. Full of fat basslines, Moogy filter sweeps, and funky drums, the album almost sounds like the insane result of a Wendy Carlos/Cut Chemist collaboration (Cut Carlos?). Writing on his bloghole, RJ describes why he created the “Insane Warrior” persona:

“I felt like i needed a break from the expectations i have of myself when making “rjd2″ records. So I went off and did something that felt natural, and was really done purely for FUN. Not that making records as “rjd2″ isnt fun, but there are elements of strategy, catalog-referencing, non-repeated ideas, and so forth; i wanted to throw all of that out the window for a minute.”

We Are The Doorways fits in perfectly with RJD2’s existing catalog and is probably one of his best releases since Deadringer. Head over to his Bandcamphole to download the album for just $6.50.

Scarf-A-Day: A New Scarf Every Day In January

Considering how cold it’s been lately, it’s probably a great time for the Scarf-A-Day Project by Meredith Scheff. Throughout January, Meredith plans to make a new and unique scarf every day. If her North Skirt project is any indication, we’ll probably see some oddly functional soft circuits mixed in with other interesting designs. Her Scarf-A-Day project has already reached its full funding on Kickstarter (but there are still time left to support her more) and she’s been awarded an Awesome Grant too. Meredith will be blogging her Scarf-A-Day progress on

For a recent taste of some of her scarf wizardy, check out these pics I took of her Croc-o-dile Scarf:


flat croc