The Pete Holmes Show, A New Late Night TV Show Hosted by Comedian Pete Holmes


The Pete Holmes Show is a brand new late night TV show hosted by Massachusetts-born comedian Pete Holmes that will feature sketches (check out his Ex-Men: Gambit video), interviews (with great guests such as Rory Scovel, Deepak Chopra, and Rob Corddry) and more. It airs right after Conan on weeknights and is set to premiere on October 28th, 2013 at midnight on TBS. Tickets to tapings of the show in Burbank, California are available now.

Pete Holmes is a comedian. Maybe you know him from his podcast “You Made It Weird.” Maybe you saw his half-hour “Comedy Central Presents.” Or on Conan. Or Jimmy Fallon. Or maybe you saw him on VH1. Or heard him as the e*trade baby or on Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans.” Pete was named one of Variety’s Top Ten Comics to Watch. Pete also draws cartoons for The New Yorker, wrote for NBC’s “Outsourced” and FOX’s “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.”

Ex-Men: Gambit

Pete Goes to The BET Hip Hop Awards

Batman Vs. Superman

Kisses of Death, Monstrous Sculptures That Look Like Chocolate Kisses With Sharp Teeth

Kiss of Death

As part of the current Bewitching III group exhibition at Albuquerque art space Stranger Factory, artist Andrew Bell of the Creatures in my Head created monstrous sculptures called “Kisses of Death” that look like chocolate Hershey’s Kisses but with sharp teeth.

Kisses of Death

Kisses of Death

photos via the Creatures in my Head

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The Clever Halloween Costumes of Amputee Josh Sundquist


As a boy, Josh Sundquist was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and after a year of chemotherapy treatments, his left leg was amputated. By the age of 13, he was cured of the cancer and later in 2006, became a member of the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team. Off and on for the past few years, Josh has made clever Halloween costumes for himself highlighting the “lemons” he was handed. In 2010, he was a partially eaten Gingerbread man with a “broken off” leg and in 2012, he dressed like the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. This year he has really outdone himself by donning a pink Lycra bodysuit and hoisting himself up on arm crutches to become a flamingo. Inspiring!

Here he is talking about his popular costumes, including the flamingo:

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