Patterns to Carve Pumpkins Into Darth Vader, the ‘Hangover’ Baby & More

Darth Vader Pumpkin

Darth Vader pumpkin

The folks at pumpkin carving stencil site Stoneykins have created several patterns to carve pumpkins into pop culture images like Darth Vader, the baby from The Hangover, and lots more. The patterns are all available to download for free at They say, “Keep in mind that all of these images are not edited, nor are they done by a professional carver.”

Breaking Bad pumpkin

Breaking Bad pumpkin

Hangover Baby Pumpkin

Hangover baby pumpkin

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submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Skeleton Horse, Artist Paints White Bones on Her Black Horse


It took artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope about five hours to free-hand paint her horse Raven’s black coat with white paint. She calls her creation “Skeleton Horse” and visitors to her shop in Rockbridge, Ohio can meet this painted equine.


images via Knot Just Rope

via Angela Laskodi

The Pete Holmes Show, A New Late Night TV Show Hosted by Comedian Pete Holmes


The Pete Holmes Show is a brand new late night TV show hosted by Massachusetts-born comedian Pete Holmes that will feature sketches (check out his Ex-Men: Gambit video), interviews (with great guests such as Rory Scovel, Deepak Chopra, and Rob Corddry) and more. It airs right after Conan on weeknights and is set to premiere on October 28th, 2013 at midnight on TBS. Tickets to tapings of the show in Burbank, California are available now.

Pete Holmes is a comedian. Maybe you know him from his podcast “You Made It Weird.” Maybe you saw his half-hour “Comedy Central Presents.” Or on Conan. Or Jimmy Fallon. Or maybe you saw him on VH1. Or heard him as the e*trade baby or on Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans.” Pete was named one of Variety’s Top Ten Comics to Watch. Pete also draws cartoons for The New Yorker, wrote for NBC’s “Outsourced” and FOX’s “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.”

Ex-Men: Gambit

Pete Goes to The BET Hip Hop Awards

Batman Vs. Superman

Kisses of Death, Monstrous Sculptures That Look Like Chocolate Kisses With Sharp Teeth

Kiss of Death

As part of the current Bewitching III group exhibition at Albuquerque art space Stranger Factory, artist Andrew Bell of the Creatures in my Head created monstrous sculptures called “Kisses of Death” that look like chocolate Hershey’s Kisses but with sharp teeth.

Kisses of Death

Kisses of Death

photos via the Creatures in my Head

via Super Punch, iO9, LikeCool, bookofjoe

A Cake Made to Look Like a Real Bowl of Ramen

A Japanese blog of home-cooked meals called Create Eat Happy has created a cake that looks surprisingly like a real bowl of ramen. It’s a relatively complicated recipe but the results are worth the effort.

via theKitchn, Foodiggity

Ellen Frightens Show’s Writer & Producer by Sending Them to a Haunted House

Each October, Ellen DeGeneres sends her Ellen show writer Amy (who “scares easily”) through a haunted house. This year she also sent along the show’s Executive Producer Andy to experience Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood with Amy. The footage of them walking through it, being scared silly, is priceless.

A Kit to Turn an Ordinary Pumpkin Into a Keg

Pumpkin Tap Kit

KegWorks has made a Pumpkin Tap Kit which they state “has everything you need to turn an ordinary pumpkin (or watermelon) into a pumpkin drink dispenser” (i.e. a keg) and we think it would be great for boozy seasonal beverages like pumpkin beer. The kit is available to purchase on Amazon or you could try making your own.

Pumpkin Tap Kit

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