Anatomica di Revolutis, 3D Printed Winged Skull by Joshua Harker

Anatomica di Revolutis by Joshua Harker

“Anatomica di Revolutis” is an intricate 3D printed sculpture of a winged skull by artist Joshua Harker. It consists of three main components—the filigree skull, the 75-piece mechanical wings, and the pyramidal “crooked cairn,” which serves as a pull chain to activate the wings. The sculpture is an ode to 3D printing, or as Harker puts it, the “3rd Industrial Revolution.” The sculpture is 3D printed from a glass/nylon polymer via the selective laser sintering process. Harker is raising funds for the project on Kickstarter. Last year we wrote about his first Kickstarter project, “Crania Anatomia Filigre.”

Anatomica di Revolutis by Joshua Harker

Anatomica di Revolutis

Photos and video via Joshua Harker

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