A Restored Original Cut of ‘The Dark Crystal’

31-year-old Christopher Orgeron, also known as Scoodidabop, has attempted to restore the original director’s cut of The Dark Crystal using an old workprint originally edited by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. This is a recreation of the darker, more surreal version originally shown to test audiences, and it has no narrator, none of Jen’s inner monologues, and the Skeksis barely speak English. The Director’s Cut also has a different score, and some of the scenes are in a different order. Test audiences reacted negatively to the original cut, so the Henson team redubbed the entire film with a narrator and inner monologues to help explain the plot. You can read an interview with Orgeron about the creepier vision of The Dark Crystal at Mental Floss.

via GeekTyrant, io9

Written by Kimber Streams

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