A History of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District by Peter Field


My good friend Peter Field, who is a San Franicsco City Guide, will be presenting “A History of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District” this Saturday, January 19th from 10:30am-12:00pm in the lower level of the Main San Francisco Public Library.

Join San Francisco City Guide Peter Field, leader of many popular walking tours through the Tenderloin, for a slideshow tracing the colorful, seldom-explored history of the district.

Known to early San Franciscans as St. Ann’s Valley, this once-placid piece of real estate provides us with a fascinating microcosm of urban history as we follow its turbulent passage from quiet respectability to entertainment center to vice-ridden “mean streets,” to its present partial reinvention as “Little Saigon”.

Mr. Field worked in the Tenderloin as a community mental health worker for more than a decade, and has since spent several years researching its history and volunteering with San Francisco City Guides.

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