A Curious Little Monkey Steals and Dismantles a Sightseer’s GoPro Camera in Bali, Indonesia

No monkey! No no no no no!

Canadian marketing manager and world traveler Ailton Schoemberger of Mochilao.TV managed to get his GoPro HERO3+ camera stolen by a curious little monkey while sightseeing at the Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia. The monkey analyzes the camera for a few minutes, dismantles it, and then runs off with the GoPro’s battery.

I was shocked when he managed to open the GoPro case and even removed the battery. After few minutes of panic a sweet lady who works in the temple made a “deal” with Mr. Monkey and trade my camera for some fruits. I lost the battery but got this awesome and unexpected video.

via GoPro, Daily Picks and Flicks

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