‘A Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear’ by Pop Chart Lab Featuring 99 Hand-Illustrated Shoes

The Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear

A Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear” is an art print by Pop Chart Lab (see previously) featuring “99 hand-illustrated shoes, ordered by heel height and arranged (appropriately) in ‘boxes’ color-coded by type.” Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

Whether you’re over the moon for over-the-knee boots, ready to fight for the last pair of gladiator heel sandals, snooty for lace-up wedge booties, or prefer the plain-(Mary)Jane side of things, we d’are-say this is the finest collection of footwear ever assembled—and one that won’t crowd out your closets or break the bank, yet still-lett-yo’ love of shoes shine brightly.

The Charted Collection of Contemporary Footwear

images via Pop Chart Lab

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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