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Designer Makes Clever Art Out of Paper Coffee Cups

Cuppaday Paper Cup Art

Since March 2013 designer Paul Garbett has been making clever art out of paper coffee cups in his ongoing side project, Cuppaday.

Cuppaday Paper Cup Art

photos via Paul Garbett

via Lost At E Minor, Foodiggity

The Absurdity of People Ordering Coffee In Los Angeles, California Captured In #OnlyinHelLA Web Series

The absurdity of people ordering coffee in Los Angeles, California is captured in this season one episode of #OnlyinHelLA, a comedy web series created by comedian Rory Uphold that focuses on the often illogical and petty things that happen everyday in Los Angeles.

Rory is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to be able to create a second season of the series.

HelLA is a web series about life in LA… Episodes range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, and each deal with a specific ‘only in LA’ type moment. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then I might as well just play you our first episode, since it’s only 37 seconds long and that’s quicker than almost anything I could write to describe the series.

A Hilarious Parody of Obnoxious Coffee Snob Café Customers

Nacho Punch created this hilarious parody of the outlandish demands that coffee snobs make to baristas in “Hipsters Love Coffee.”

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee’, A Hilarious Parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

“He’s also quite handy at taking escalators.”

“Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee”, featuring Gabe Oppenheim and Samuel Goldberg, is an incredible parody of the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The video focuses heavily on walking and eating toffee while it spoofs everything from the editing of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the pacing of the chat, the show’s logo, and the way Seinfeld has a habit of talking over his guests.

via CollegeHumor, The Awesomer

A Fascinating Map of Popular Coffee Shop Chain Locations in the United States

Coffee Shop Chain Location Map

Data visualization expert Nathan Yau used data available from AggData to create a series of maps that visualize which popular coffee shop chains are located within a 10-mile radius across the United States. Many chains are represented on the map, including Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. More maps are available on Yau’s website. Previously Yau made a similar series of maps for pizza chains.

My expectation was that Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts would dominate, with 10,000-plus and 7,000-plus locations nationwide, respectively. This wasn’t far-fetched when you look at the map above. It shows the nearest coffee place among the popular chains, within a 10-mile radius.

Coffee Shop Chain Regional Maps

images via FlowingData

Delightfully Minimalist Illustrations Made of Coffee Grounds

In her free time, Philippines-based nursing student Liv Buranday creates delightful minimalist illustrations out of coffee grounds. Her only tools are her hands and toothpicks.

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Prescription Mug, A Custom Coffee Cup That Looks Like a Pill Bottle

Prescription Mug

The Prescription Mug is a custom coffee cup that looks like a pill bottle that you would pick up at the local Pharmacy. The mug is available to purchase online from ThinkGeek.

This Prescription Mug makes it look like you’re drinking your drug of choice, which, of course, you are! All sorts of cute information on the bottle’s “label,” including dosage directions: Drink one mug by mouth; repeat until awake and alert.

image via ThinkGeek